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31 July 08

A few weeks and a photo shoot later and we're still chewin' the same fuckin' dirt . Here on OUR front, we have new pics of our favorite model Eva. The generation of her personal site is currently the primary reason for ass-draggin here on Tanksgirls. But one battle at a time. It's absolutely necessary to the cause that this mission go off as planned. More to come.

Speaking of our last photo shoot, the Sgt. Major saw fit to shoot a PG-13 version, for some GODDAMN reason. Let's just say there was a communication breakdown.  However, we sustained no friendly casualties, so "Mission Accomplished!". Eva's still fuckin' hot, and so are the pics! Keep an eye on your radar, men, because we'll be launching Eva's personal site in the near future.

In the name of continued tribute to all you boys defending this Great Land over in the armpit of the world, another big Ooh-Fuckin'-Rah Troops!!! I hear tell of a group of hard chargers that took on half-a-hundred up Assghanistain way after the bastards tried their best for an ambush while back. Out-Fuckin-Standing Soldiers! Out-Fuckin-Standing.

14 May 08

We're evolving the purpose of this area as we go. We've decided to take more input from you boys in uniform, wherever in the world you are serving our country. Are you poundin the dirt in Afghanfuckinnowhere and got pics of you and your buddies lightin' shit up? Send us what you got: pics or videos of action, training, partying, porn from that whore who's fuckin Jodie while you're defending his GODDAMN COUNTRY (or your buddies)! Whatever you want to share with your fellow Marines or just the General and Sgt. Major. The list could go on, so SEND IT ALL! We'll post what's fit to post on a porn site. The rest we'll just enjoy amongst ourselves, or make another site to show off the nasty stuff.

You're workin hard for us. The least we can do is return the favor. Tank, Out.


01 JAN 08

The General and I met for the first "unofficial" New Porn World Order battle strategy. These are extremely exciting times, men!


23 FEB 08

Aside from Sgt. Major Deez fuckin' up the lights, Eva's first shoot went exceptionally well. We learned a shit-ton! Thank god Eva's so fuckin' hot, cuz she made up for most of our short comings.


05 APR 08

We don't know what to say, men. We dropped the fuckin' ball on getting the site up today. I guarantee it won't freakin happen again!  SSgt. Mike joined our web development team this past week. Outstanding work, hard-charger! Ooh Rah!! Eva's on tour for th enext week, but we'll have more pics u, as soon as she gets back to the compound. I promise to have the site fully up and runnin in a few days. That's all for now. Tank, Out.