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Well Men, it's been over a year since the last update to this site. The Sgt. Major and I were called away for Special Operations in an unspecified foreign land. However, we sustained no friendly casualties in numerous Danger Close Assessments over the last year and so here we are, proud to say "Mission Accomplished!" on one front and back to reinforce another. Eva's pics are still fuckin' hot! We expect to be making numerous advances in our operational methodology and Eva will be joined by our second Tanksgirl in the near future. Remain diligent, watch the site, we will update.

As always, in the name of continued tribute to all you boys, and yes girls, defending this Great Land over in the armpit of the world, another big Ooh-Fuckin'-Rah Troops!!! I know you're "new orders" might not make the most sense when you're chewin' the dirt, but you didn't sign on that line to judge your orders, just to follow them. Kick ass, take names, and remember, you fight for that Soldier next to you. Bring them, and yourself, home alive.

--Gen. Tank